Robert has occupied a significant role in the water purification industry for twenty-plus years. All of this laser-focused on his study of non-chemical methods for resolving today’s and tomorrow’s water pollution challenges.Robert is fond of saying; “I did not choose this path, the water chose me…”, illustrating the deep passion he has for his work in revitalizing the earth’s surface water through innovation. He was awarded his first patent for an ozone & oxygen allotrope production generator in 2003.  

In 2006 his work was recognized by the Water Quality Control Board, The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Fish & Wildlife and the California Coastal Commission. They and several other agencies oversaw the placement of the Pierian 04 Generator at Doheny State Park in Dana Point Harbor, California.After the initial two-year pilot, the Pierian water purification system was accepted as a municipal storm-water treatment in Orange County and Los Angeles County, California. The second patent was granted in 2008, which resulted in the research and treatment of still water lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. Additional and more powerful ozone generation systems have evolved over the years and the latest zone generation system patent filling in 2015 is pending USPTO approval.Robert’s formal education took place at National University in San Diego and resulted in a Bachelor of Science degree. He chose to become a master steward of our environment studying under the gifted guidance of several Apache Indian leaders, many who became life-long friends in the journey to make water cleaner & safer.On the Pierian job sites many people refer to Robert as; “Ozone Man”. We think it a fitting title for someone who has made the significant contribution that he has in caring for water through ozone applications. Now all of his wisdom is being shared with the University educational environment, the companies coveted clients, and the entire staff at Pierian Water Systems.

Carol Anderson-Bedford
Carol joined Pierian in January, 2018 as its Chief Executive Officer, accepting the challenge of spearheading planned expansion into new applications, including the international marketplace.  Carol brings to Pierian the experiences she has acquired over a thirty-five year career in the field of law, including service as a Judge Pro Tem in the San Diego Superior Courts; trial litigation; trained mediator; legal analyst, researcher, and writer; public speaker; and administrator of legal and office staff.  She served for several years as a lead attorney in San Diego’s largest all-female law firm.  

A Long Beach, California native, Carol is a graduate of San Diego’s Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Law following undergraduate study at California State College at Long Beach and Purdue University.   Other accomplishments include a teaching credential, conversational Spanish, two terms as a County Commissioner for Fish and Wildlife, appearance on behalf of a child before the California Supreme Court, and service to the Governor of Indiana as an Advisory Council member for Women’s Issues.   Carol brings her spirit of optimism and perseverance to Pierian, believing that the potential for our systems to fundamentally change the world is real and achievable.  She retired from the practice of law in order to bring all her energy to bear on supporting Pierian and its mission as its new CEO; and, citing limitless possibilities, Carol is guiding the company on its quest toward the horizons, seeking a restored planet with healthy and joyful families of all species.      

Paul Anderson began his career in water in 2003, when he entered the field as a relief driver for Sierra Springs Water’s Independent Owner-Operators.  While driving routes and delivering water, Paul began studying the multiple aspects and applications of water, in order to better inform and build his customer base. He wishes to specifically credit Hector Quevedo, owner of Alpine Fresh water, as an important mentor and consultant during his journey.  

What he discovered about the nature of water sparked his current life-calling: to search for knowledge and technology to address a desperate world’s water needs.    Paul’s most special skill is his ability to educate and inform people about water in a manner that enables them to understand and make good choices.  His information base includes all aspects of health differences and comparative environmental impact of water which has been processed and containerized in alternative manners, such as Alkaline (Ionized), Spring Water, Reverse Osmosis, Well Water, Distilled, Oxygenated; and comparative packaging in BPA-free, glass, or poly-carbon bottles.    Paul’s experience includes 15 years of equipment maintenance for water processing systemsPaul discovered the patented, new water system of Pierian and he immediately became an integral part of this emerging technology by accepting a position as Manager of Systems Operation and Maintenance. The company speaks to his heart’s mission for improvement of water world-wide, including providing clean water to people and countries who would not otherwise be able to acquire or afford healthy water.  

Alan joins the Pierian family as its Consultant on Fabrication and Installation.  Having traveled the world during the course of his career, Alan brings an impressive resume of multiple awards and certifications from his service as a Federally Certified Public Works Inspector, including work with Waste Water Treatment Plants; Water Purification Facilities; and sewer, water, gas and storm drains.   Among Alan’s most prized achievements are Alaskan Pipeline projectsand construction projects in the Middle East.    

His multiple accreditations and awards include several Associate of Science Degrees, courses in Atomic Hardware, Public Works Inspection, Confined Space Safety, Troxler Nuclear Testing Equipment Certification, and American Concrete Institute Field Testing Technician. Alan has training in Federal OSHA Excavation Requirements and Competent Person Responsibilities for Nuclear Power Plants.  He received a Certificate of Honor for Meritorious Services from the City of Lake Elsinore for service rendered during and following natural flood disaster. Alan is also a Charter Member of the Inland Empire Construction Inspectors AssociationAlan comes out of retirement to assist as a consultant in construction and installation aspects of Pierian systems, and his training and attention to detail will ensure quality and safety are maintained as a highest priority.